Synergy for Franchisees

Becoming a franchisee

"due diligence: check the pulse before you invest"

First, we can help you pre-determine whether franchising is a good fit for you and whether you are likely to be both:

A. SUCCESSFUL – i.e. whether you have the key attributes necessary to grow and sustain a franchise business.


B. SATISFIED – i.e. whether you will enjoy and ultimately thrive within a franchise structure and culture.

This is a simple but often overlooked, critical first step. We have the experience and tools to give you this clarity.

Then there’s due diligence on the Franchisor, brand, business model, fee structure, product and/or service offering, systems, marketing engine and exit strategy to name a few.

Each franchise system also has its own unique culture to evaluate so you know you’ll be in good company and will be well supported throughout your journey as a franchise owner. 

We know what to ask and look for so that you go in with your eyes open and can make an informed decision.

Being a franchisee

"navigating the challenges & opportunities"

Whether you’re looking to scale to multi-unit operations, build your team or improve profitability, we can support you along the way.

Negotiating with the Franchisor (or 3rd parties) when expanding, renewing, exploring new initiatives or selling are key moments in life as a Franchisee.  We’re used to having the conversations that matter and guiding Franchisees to do the same.

Like umbrellas, franchises often look the same but they are all unique.

Build your Vision for Growth