Pioneer Your Breakthrough

How we help our clients

Our people have extensive expertise partnering with businesses to deliver on a diverse range of strategic objectives, including:

  • Commercial & Strategic Advisory: On-call strategic sounding-board and independent advisory to help you guide the strategic direction and focus of your business.  Unique to Synergy Business, we take a holistic commercial approach to addressing business and legal issues.*

  • Innovation: Develop the IP that differentiates your commercial offering, stands behind your competitive advantage or disrupts your market.

  • Brand: Create or develop a brand and key messages that resonate and reach your target market powerfully, in turn driving demand and brand awareness.

  • Growth: Ramp-up or turnaround to drive momentum and achieve your critical mass; select a business model and structure that will best support your appetite for scale and tolerance to risk. 

  • Sales: Sales team buoyancy by design, supported by customised sales coaching and service standards.  Generate exceptional customer experience that creates brand advocates and drives repeat business. 

  • Resolution: Turn complex business challenges, disputes or impasses into commercial opportunities.

  • Due Diligence: Whether you're considering a business partnership, joint venture, merger or acquisition, know what to look for and make an informed business decision that best supports your interests.  

  • Executive Edge: Invest in coaching to ensure your visionaries have the leadership support they need to be at their best.

These outcomes combined play a critically important role in your overall strategy to future-proof your business.

*Note: We do not provide legal advice nor any services in the "reserved areas of work" as defined under Section 6 of the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006.  If you seek specific legal advice on any matters relating to proceedings, conveyancing, relationship property or otherwise, you should instruct a practicing barrister and solicitor.

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